Topography around Japan and the Earth.


Miyake Is. (250m/50m more DEM):Topo around Miyake Is.

Mt. Usu (250m/50m DEM):Topo around Mt. Usu

New Topography and Bathymetry ~Japan: New.1km.grd

Most detailed images available now!: New.250m.images

Japanese Archipelago: 250m.500m.1km in 3D

Kyushu Is. color-stereo (250m DEM): 3D in color!

Kobe and Awaji (50m DEM): 3D in color!

Mt.Fuji 3D perspective (250m DEM): 3D in color!

Smith and Sandwell's Altimetry : Poster size maps

Smith and Sandwell's Altimetry : Anaglyphs (3D)

Please refer to the following report when you use the images on this site.
"Combined Bathymetric and Topographic Mesh Data: Japan250m.grd",
Kiyoyuki Kisimoto, GSJ Open-file Report #353, 2000.3


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