Atmospheric Environment Research Group, Naoki Kaneyasu

Name ♠Naoki Kaneyasu (Senior Researcher)
Specialty ♠Atmospheric Aerosol, Urban Air Pollution
Research Interest ♠Estimates of sources and sinks of global warming gases using inverse methods
Ongoing activities ♠Study on the temporal variation of aerosol characteristics at Fukue, Okinawa, and Ogasawara Islands and the evaluation of direct radiative forcing
(PI: Dr. Shiro Hatakeyama/ NIES )

♠Observational studies on the vertical distribution of aerosol properties utilizing Mt. Fuji as a monitoring tower (PI: Dr. Yasuhito Igarashi/ MRI).
Research project in post processing ♠Comparison of size distribution of sulfate aerosols obtained with a Cascade impactor and an Aerosol Mass Spectrometer at Hedo Okinawa

♠Comparison of aerosol optical depth obtained with sun photometer, sky radiometer, and satellite based sensors.
Research project in preparation ♠Reanalysis of aerosol optical properties measured at stations in the northwestern Pacific sites.

♠Long-term observation of aerosol properties at a free-tropospheric height using Mt.Fuji observatory.
Membership Meteorological Society of Japan ; Member
Japan Society of Atmospheric Environment; Member
Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology; Member