Metamorphic puzzle

  1. Change Cube into Tetrahedron. [3 moves]
  2. Change Tetrahedron into Cube. [3 moves]
  3. Change Dodecahedron into Cube. [6 moves]
  4. Change Cube into Dodecahedron. [12 moves (min?)]
  5. Change Cube into Truncated Octahedron. [20 moves (min?)]
  6. Change Dodecahedron into Truncated Icosahedron. [45 moves [min?)]
(Java 3D not available)

Possbile moves:


You can rotate (by left drag), move (by right drag), and zoom (by wheel) the graph.

(Color (black and white) is not important. Moves are based on rewriting rules for graph automata.)