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RWC Real World Computing Project 1992-2001
RWC2001 Final Exhibition & Symposia (Adaptive Vision Systems)
Adaptive Vision Systems for Realworld Intelligence (Bulletin of the ETL, Vol.64, No.4/5, 2000)
Katsuhiko SAKAUE, Dr. Eng.
Emeritus Researcher, AIST

IAPR Fellow, IEICE Fellow

OFFICE:AIST Tsukuba Central 1,
Tsukuba 305-8561, Japan

Separation of Overlapping Blobs
Separation Iteration Particle Picture [ Granules in a Pancreatic Cell ] [ Carbon Black Particles ] [ Cancer Cells ] [ Steel Fiber ]

Software Systems for Image Processing

Active Net
[ Region Extraction ] [ Stereo Matching ] [ Stereo Matching by GA and Active Net ]