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Fourth International Workshop on
Synthetic Simulation and Robotics to
Mitigate Earthquake Disaster
Call For Paper [Top]
Schedule [Top]
3/Jul.- 7/Jul. poster presentation
5/Jul. 15:00-19:00 oral presentations & panel discussion
on-line proceedings [PDF]
  1. Tomoichi Takahashi :
    A Method to Interpret Rescue Agent Behaviors with a Probability Model
  2. Isabela Anciutti , Christina Meyer :
    Evolutionary Learning of Team Behavior on Disaster Scenarios
  3. Stephane Beauregard , Holger Kenn :
    Low-Tech First Responder Coordination and Communication
  4. Daniel P. Stormont :
    Human-Robot Trust Relationships for Search and Rescue [slide]
  5. Stephen Balakirsky , Chris Scrapper , Benjamin Balaguer , Alessandro Farinelli , Stefano Carpin :
    Virtual Robots: progresses and outlook
  6. Arnoud Visser, Bayu Slamet, Tijn Schmits, Luis A. Gonz'alez Jaime, Aksel Ethembabaoglu :
    Design decisions of the UvA Rescue 2007 Team on the Challenges of the Virtual Robot competition
  7. Daniele Calisi, Alessandro Farinelli, Luca Iocchi, Daniele Nardi :
    Multi-objective Robotic Search and Exploration in Rescue Missions
  8. Johannes Pellenz :
    Rescue robot sensor design: An active sensing approach
  9. Tomoaki Yoshida and Eiji Koyanagi and Satoshi Tadokoro and Kazuya Yoshida and Keiji Nagatani and Kazunori Ohno and Takashi Tsubouchi and Shoichi Maeyama and Noda Itsuki and Takizawa Osamu and Yasushi Hada :
    A High Mobility 6-Crawler Mobile Robot `Kenaf'
  10. Magnus Broberg :
    A New Robocup Rescue Class: Tag-Team Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TTUAV) Class