Position Control of a 3-DOF Manipulator with a Passive Joint under a Nonholonomic Constraint

Hirohiko Arai

Proceedings of 1996 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS'96), pp.74-80, Osaka, Japan, November 1996.


Position control of a manipulator with a passive joint which has neither an actuator nor a holding brake is investigated. The manipulator has three degrees of freedom in a horizontal plane, with the third joint being passive. The dynamic constraint on the free link is 2nd-order nonholonomic. Trajectories from initial configurations to desired configurations are planned by combining simple translational and rotational trajectory segments, considering motion of the center of impact of the free link. This planning method is very fast because it requires no iteration. Feedback control using the passive joint angle is applied. Experimental results of positioning are presented.


manipulator, passive joint, dynamics, nonholonomic constraint