Evaluation of Compensation Ratios in a Power Assist System Based on Operational Sensation

Yasuo Hayashibara, Kazuo Tanie, Hirohiko Arai and Hiroki Tokashiki

Electrical Engineering in Japan, Vol.124, No. 3, pp. 57-63, 1998.


This paper deals with some topics of the power assist system that is used for attenuating the load force. In such system, it is a serious problem that the maneuverability and the stability are lost when the actuators are saturated. For avoiding that, we have proposed the power assist system with individual compensation ratios for gravity and dynamic load. In this paper, based on the operational sensation, we confirm the validity of the proposed method and discuss how the compensation ratios should be determined through our experiments.

[Key words]

Power assist system, Operational sensation, Man-machine system