Members of the Commission on Collapse Calderas

Current commission members include renowned scientists as well as a number of young emerging researchers and recent graduates. More than 40 members formed the start-up commission and we are encouraging those interested in caldera research to join the commission.

Our commission is quite active and we want to keep growing, meeting, and willing to collaborate actively. We share a common drive to learn more on caldera volcanism and to publish new results of our research in high-class journals and books.

If you wish to become a member of the commission on collapse calderas please fill send an email to Valerio Acocella or Nobuo Geshi

Members List


"*" at the end of the names means that the CCC lost the e-mail contact. Please send your current e-mail address, if you wish to recieve the news from CCC. Thanks!
Valerio Acocella
Gerardo Aguirre-Diaz
Antonio Castro
Uriel Arellano Contreras
Maurizio Battaglia *
Alexander Belousov
Marina Belousova *
John Browning
Matt Brueseke
Cathy Busby
Joan Cabato *
Pablo Caffe
Rebecca Carey
Roberto Carniel
Gerardo Carrasco
Ray Cas
Matthew Cobble
Jim Cole
Grace Cumming
Shan De Silva
Sandro de Vita
Tim Druitt
Samantha Engwell
Arnau Folch
Salvatore Gambino    
Dennis Geist
Kimberly Genareau
Nobuo Geshi
Adelina Geyer
Eduardo González-Partido *
Joachim Gottsmann
Darren Gravley
Trish Gregg
Eric B. Grosfils
Agust Gudmundsson
Silvina Guzmán
Abdul Hameed
Minard Hall
Stuart Hardy
Toshiaki Hasenaka
Christhophe Hole *
Kristl Hoksbergen *
Eoghan Holohan
Keith Howard
Gwyneth Huges *
Ben Kennedy
Chris Kilburn
Helen Kinvig
Hiroaki Komuro
Ulrich Kueppers
higekatsu Kusumoto
Guillermo Labarthe
Nils Lenhardt
Graham Leonard
Jean-Luc Le Pennec
Peter Lipman
Margaret Mangan
Joan Marti
José Martínez-Reyes
Chris Medlin
Laurent Michon
Daisuke Miura
Lindsay Moore
Nury Morales-Simfors *
Patricia Mothes
Wulf Mueller *
Madison Myers
Andrew Newmann
Jorge Nieto-Obregón
Shaun O'Driscoll *
Paul Olin
Christian Ordaz-Méndez
Ramon Ortiz *
Gert-Jan Peeters
Ivan Petrinovic
Emma Phillips
Adrian Pittari
Sam Poppe
Claudia Principe
Nino Popkhadze
Julie Roberge *
Erika Ronchin
Steve Sanders
Damiano Sarocchi
Vicky Smith *
Steven Self
Patricia Sruoga
Roberto Sulpizio
Filip Tomek
Margarito Tristán
Valentin Troll
Dave Tucker
Inan Ulusoy
Glyn William-Jones
J. Wilcock *
Chris Willcox *
John Wolff
Luke Wooller
Heather Wright
If you find mistake and/or any request, please contact to the commissioner Nobuo Geshi (
Last update: December 12, 2013