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The 7th Workshop on Collapse Caldera
21st - 27th September, 2018, at Toba Caldera, Sumatra, Indonesia

25 September 2017 released

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We are updating our member list

Please contact to the web mamager (Nobuo Geshi, geshi-nob@aist.go.jp) if you find problems in your name in the member list. Please contact the web manager if you wish to join CCC. You can see the member list from the tag in the left column.

Creation of the new IAVCEI Commission on Collapse Calderas (CCC) was approved by the Executive Committee and Secretary General of IAVCEI in March 2008.

The idea to file for a commission emerged in 2005, during a workshop on Caldera Volcanism, at which the Collapse Calderas Work Group (CCWG) was formed.

The commission is currently led by:

Darren M. Gravley

(Canterbury University, New Zealand)


Shanaka de Silva

( Oregon State University, USA )


Former Commissioners: Prof. Joan Marti, Dr. Joachim Gottsmann, Dr. Gerardo Aguirre Diaz, Dr. Adelina Geyer and Dr. Valerio Acocella, and Dr. Nobuo Geshi

One of the first major events for the commission was the 2008 collapse calderas workshop in Mexico (Click for details)

The commission covers a wide spectrum of research topics and fosters common interests in research on collapse calderas such as geology, geophysics, numerical and analogue modelling, magma chamber processes, hazard assessment and risk management as well as economic and environmental aspects.

The commission epitomises the spirit of the original workgroup and provides a platform for interdisciplinary interaction to solve the many outstanding questions regarding the formation of collapse calderas, their evolution and behaviour, and for knowledge transfer to a wider audience.

At the same time, there is room for incorporation of additional lines of research in the future and these are more than welcome to add their flavor to the commission.


CCC Membership


Current commission members include renowned scientists as well as a number of young emerging researchers and recent graduates. More than 25 members formed the start-up commission and we are encouraging those interested in caldera research to join the commission.

Our commission is quite active and we want to keep growing, meeting, and willing to collaborate actively. We share a common drive to learn more on caldera volcanism and to publish new results of our research in high-class journals and books.

If you wish to become a member of the commission on collapse calderas please fill send an email to Nobuo Geshi, who is the current webmaster



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