Modular Robot Takes its First Step
- "Modular Transformer" (M-TRAN) -


The Distributed System Design Research Group of Intelligent Systems InstituteAIST has developed a novel self-reconfigurable modular robot called Modular Transformer (M-TRAN) *. It has successfully realized multi-mode robotic motion by changing its shape smoothly from a crawler to a four-legged walking robot, which is a world-leading research result.

This technology is expected to be applied to planetary explorers, nuclear-plant maintenance robots or rescue robots that should perform their tasks in places inaccessible to humans, by adapting itself to the external environments.

*In collaboration with Prof. Satoshi Murata of Tokyo Institute of Technology

Image of the modular robot changing its shape from a crawler to a four-legged walking robot.



Distributed System Design Group, Intelligent Systems Institute,