FU is an open source GUI for molecular simulations.

The naming of this GUI was chosen, because it has roots in FMO utility so that the name of FU is historically an acronym of that program, although fu is a general GUI not limited to FMO. The latest version of FU can be downloaded here.


1. Windows
There are two ways: an easy way where you only get a FU executable and run it, and the hard way when you get the FU source files (in Python) and run them. Note that the second way runs in general a bit faster and gives you freedom in modifying functionality of FU, but it requires some extra installations. Also, the versions available via executable and source are at present different: the source version is the most recent one.
a) easy way (executable):
Go to sourceforge and download fu-18May2015.zip (at present this is the latest).
b) hard way (source only):
Go to sourceforge and download fu-0.4.0-packed.zip. Unzip it. It is recommended to put fu-0.4.0 and FUDATASET-0.4.0 directories to the root, C:\. Then install Python and Fortran compiler.
Fortran (mingw-get-setup.exe)
Starting from FU 0.4.0, you (may) need to install networkx (that may depend on the python-xy version). If you run FU (see below) and get a message that networkx is not installed, open shell window (run cmd) and then issue:
pip install networkx
Finally, you need to add the Fortran compiler directory to PATH.
Open: Control Panel/System and Security/System/Advanced Settings/Environmental Variables/ Find there PATH and append ";C:\MinGW\bin" at the end.
To run FU, open a shell window (run "cmd" from the Start menu).
cd c:\fu-0.4.0
python fu.py
Note that you do not need to compile FU - Python will run from the source. You need the Fortran compiler because some parts of FU use dynamic libraries from Fortran (but you do not need to compile any Fortran for FU).

2. Mac/Linux
FU now runs on Mac/Linux computers. Some instructions are given at the sourceforge site. An older set of instructions for Mac/Linux can be found at sourceforge, download wxfu-tutorial.zip.