You do not have to write program code to publish your panoramic sounds on your Web pages. QuickStart Package helps you to make the immersive Web pages.

Getting started

Download 'package' from the QuickStart's repository.

The following files are contained in the downloaded package.

Download additional JavaScript files listed below from

They may be found in
in the downloaded threejs directory.

Put all files except 'readme.pdf' in one directory of your server. If you have already provided your own SOPA file and MP4 file, put them in the directory instead of 'sample.sopa' and 'sample.mp4.'

Open the URL


In the URL above, '***' is supposed to be your network server IP address and the path. 'sample.sopa' and 'sample.mp4' can be replaced with the names of your own SOPA file and MP4 file, respectively.

The MP4 file has to be an equirectangular panorama video. To make direction of sound and image consistent, your video image should be mapped as illustrated in the figure below.

Fig. Video image mapping

If the instruction saying 'Click to start' or 'Tap to start' appears on the browser screen, click (tap) it to play the video.

Note that if the video and sound can be played generally depends on the server and browser configurations.

If you confirmed that the video and sound can be played, you are ready to publish the URL.

Have fun making your own scenes with panoramic sounds and sharing them with friends.