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Start with the study of dike to understand magma plumbing system and volcano, interact with the earth system, and change a sense of values.



Dike (dyke) world

Volcanoes, eruptions and photos: [Fuji] [Caldera Volcanoes in Indonesia] [Aogashima, Izu].

Variation of volcanoes; [Monogentic volcanoes and polygenetic volcanoes],


Outreach "Kitchen volcanology"

and "Garden volcanology"

Kids page in Japanese

Analog experiments for outreach




Self-introduction of Akira Takada

E-mail: a-takada@aist.go.jp

Speciality: Volcanologist

Present position: Staff of Geological Survey of Japan (AIST); Prof. of Tsukuba Univ.

Address: 1-1-1 Higashi, Tsukuba, Ibaraki pref., 305-8567 JAPAN

Member: IAVCEI, AGU, Volcanological Soc. Jpn, Geological Soc. of Jpn,

 Seismological Soc. Jpn, Soc. for Science on Form

Education: Dr. of Univ. of Tokyo